Add relevance to your marketing campaigns and deliver a more personal and relevant customer experience with Hansa Cequity’s Connected Marketing Platform (CMP).

A unified marketing platform, CMP will enable your business to harness your siloed customer data to orchestrate omnichannel campaigns that offer more relevant content and experiences to your customers. Built with precision targeting, monitoring and analytics capabilities, CMP lets you create sophisticated audience profiles and segments to drive more targeted campaigns that maximise marketing ROI.

Connect multiple data sources to personalise messages and campaigns across all channels.

Delivering complex and integrated campaigns across channels to a large audience pool requires a unified view of your customers. CMP helps you collect and aggregate data about your customers and their preferences, turns it into valuable insights and then helps you drive incredibly targeted, personalised, and relevant marketing campaigns that deliver results

With its predictive analytics and rich profiling capabilities CMP will help you leverage real-time customer insights to personalise interactions at scale and deliver the right message to the right channel mix, at the right time to ensure the most productive journey for each customer.

To know how Hansa Cequity’s Connected Marketing Platform (CMP) can help your business deliver impact across the customer journey and drive personalised marketing campaigns and connected customer experiences, talk to us today.

  • Fully customisable reports and dashboards.
  • Sync audience data from multiple data sources.
  • Share insights from any device.
  • Access granular insights that drive relevant actions.
  • Track and measure the impact of marketing.
  • Drive personal, one-to-one interactions with high-value audiences.

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